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Christmas Ornaments

Previously sold

Little Animals

Tiny synthetic clay Fairies.

My "Little Animals" are made with rigid latex,looks like wood,doesn't break ,these are my absolute joy to make,each one has it's own personality!!

My Own Tree

Fimo Jammie Kids

Fimo Fairy

Tiny Porcelain Fairies

Kitties ! In Stockings,or standing

Sugar Stars

Cotton Batting & Porcelain

Snow Baby Wreath


Painted & "fired" porcelain ball ornaments

Jammie Kids

Tea Cup Fairies

Lantern Ladies

Merry Tree Faces

Porcelain Face Jammie Kids

Sleeping Fairy

Snow Beetles

Cotton Batting with porcelain faces

Beautiful Fimo Clay Fairy

Hawaiian Lady ornament,I have made hundreds of these ornaments over the years,they may be hung as a Christmas ornament with one loop on one branch and one on another ,many owners say they hang the ornament on a wall year round.

Porcelain Baby Jesus

Dragonfly Rider


Fired Porcelain Ornaments

Menehune Wreath

Fairies made of synthetic clay


Tree Gathering

Hawaiian Lady Ornament

Box of ornments ready last year

Snow People


I make new ornaments every year,the best selection may be found at Volcano Art Center Gallery during their annual "Christmas in The Country"  My ornaments are priced according to the medium used. The medium dictates  how much time it takes to get to the fun part,which is giving each ornament it's own spark !

Gold Leaf Coral & painted local Hawaiian fish

Icicles ,resin & gemstones,or vintage crystal with french ribbon


 Love to Everyone!!

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