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  • Linda Rowell Stevens

Sleeping Pele

NEW! From Hawai'i artist Linda Rowell Stevens.

Pele, Goddess of the Volcano, rests near the caldera in Volcano Hawaii. Her dress of lava flows gently around her as her warmth makes molten ground beneath her.

Just lately at Kilauea crater At Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park it appears that Pele is waking up from her slumber. As of October 10, 2021 fountaining lava up to 48 feet(15 m) tall has been seen and there has been no decrease in the lava splatter for the past few days.

We will just need to wait and see if Pele will wake up or go back to sleep.

Sleeping Pele is available in sizes below.

Sleeping Pele

24 x 15 $290.00

32 x 20 $424.00

48 x 30 $800.00

24 x 15 $275.00

32 x 20 $420.00

48 x 30 $720.00

I hope you enjoy my art inspired by my love of Hawai'i and the Hawaiian culture as well as handmade Christmas ornaments and occasionally a doll or two. Linda

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