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  • Linda Rowell Stevens

Ohelo Near Kilauea Crater

The glow from the volcano illuminates the beautiful berries of the Ohelo, a food source for the Hawaiian Nene.

It is not the myths and legends alone that inspire my oil painting. It is the aina, the land, it is living here for most of my life. This Hawaiian land is at the core of my soul. It is the love that has greeted me through the eyes of the people who live here. It is the hope for their heritage, the reverence of their past.

I want my work to say… don’t let it slip away...

May there forever be proud people who believe in who they really are. If in any way I can help to show how they shine, through my work, then I am content."


20 x 16 $269.00

25 x 20 $356.00

30 x 24 $461.00

35 x 28 $585.00

20 x 16 $242.00

11 x 14 $24.00

25 x 20 $320.00

30 x 24 $415.00

35 x 28 $526.00

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