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  • Linda Rowell Stevens

Mahina -

A full moon is the backdrop for Mahina who cradles in her lei an extinct honeycreeper. There are phases in the moon as in life ~ cherish what is now.

The phases of the moon as in life, teach us to appreciate what is now. So much passes in a short time. I often think about that as I see the angel trumpets blooming outside our lanai, remembering that years ago there would be hundreds of bees surrounding the blossoms. Now, lucky to see one or two. Here on our Island we have witnessed the loss of trees , homes to lava, and changes hard to deal with, now this global threat of the virus. I hope we all remember to be kind & compassionate. Not everyone will deal with this the same way. May we choose to rise above any of the false information, negative remarks & the fear. Take care everyone, do your part to help the healing ability.

Mahina is available in sizes below.

16 x 20 - $269

24 x 30 - $461

28 x 35 - $585

36 x 45 - $885

16 x 20 - $242

30 x 24 - ASK

28 x 35 - $527

36 x 45 - $796

I hope you enjoy my art inspired by my love of Hawai'i and the Hawaiian culture as well as handmade Christmas ornaments and occasionally a doll or two. Linda

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