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One of Hawaii’s legends about the indigenous plant, Naupaka, is that the Goddess Pele observing a devoted young couple found the young man desirable.  Pele chased the young man to the seashore and the beautiful young lady to the mountain.  Pele’s sisters stepped in and save them from certain death and changed the young lovers into the mountain and shoreline plants.  The mountain Naupaka (Naupaka Kuahiwi) and the shoreline Naupaka plants (Naupaka Kuahakai) have petals only on half of the flower.  The mountain Naupaka has only the upper half of the flower with petals and the shoreline Naupaka only has petals on the lower half.  If the mountain Naupaka and the Beach Naupaka flowers are reunited, the two young lovers will be together again.

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