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Maile-Haiwale, Maile-Kaluhea, Maile-Lau‘ii, Maile-Pakaha and Kahalaomapuana are the sisters of Aiwohikupua, a chief of Kauai, born of Kupua-supernatural birth and from a foreign country. Aiwohikupua had heard of the beautiful La‘ieikawai who lived in Puna in a house made of entirely of the yellow feathers of Hawaii O‘o bird. He journeyed to find her hoping she would marry him. Aiwohikupua was humiliated when he arrived at her house with a gift of a feather cape and saw that her whole house was feathers. He implored his sisters to meet La‘ieikawai and convince her to meet him. Each sister tried to reach La‘ieikawai with the scent of Maile. La‘ieikawai made it clear she would not marry Aiwohikupua, but eventually had a house made for the Maile sisters who became her companions.

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