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About Laser Prints

Our laser prints are a good reproduction of Linda’s art at an economical price.


The laser prints are 7 ¾” X 9 ¾” with a ¾” white boarder sandwiched inside of 11” X 14” standard 2 ply black backing board and a black mat with an opening of 7 ½” X 9 ½”. The prints are on a quality high fiber 10 gauge paper. The textured paper gives the prints durability as well as a quality presentation. 


The 11” X 14” size is a standard size which makes it easy to buy ready-made frames. Some of the images have been cropped in order to make the picture fit inside the rectangle of 7 ½ X 9 ½” opening on the mat board.  Therefore not all of the laser prints of Linda’s paintings will be presented exactly the same as the original (or the giclee reproductions). For example, if an original painting was square than some cropping is required in order to make to print “fit” inside the mat opening. The matted laser print is sealed inside an acrylic sleeve in order to preserve the print.


A short graphical designed description and statement from Linda is adhered to the back board. 


High quality repositionable glue is used to adhere both the description and the laser image to the mat board. This glue allows the owner to have the option of removing the description and image without damage. The laser “package” can be taken apart and reassembled.  One customer turned the mat around and therefore had a white mat which matched the décor of her bedroom.


Questions and feedback concerning Linda’s laser prints are welcomed.




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